The Advertising Research Foundation: Women in Analytics

Chicago, Illinois
Join us for an intimate evening of cocktails, connecting, and co-mentoring with Karyn Schoenbart, CEO of The NPD Group, a global provider of information and advisory services to many of the world’s leading brands.Whether you’re just starting out in your career or a seasoned professional looking to move up, don’t miss the chance to hear directly from Karyn, who keeps it real and relatable as she shares learnings from her journey to CEO and why she decided to write her recent book, Mom.B.A: Essential Business Advice from One Generation to the Next. Karyn has over 30 years of experience in market research, with expertise in identifying and developing new business opportunities and client partnerships. Don’t miss the chance to ask her your most pressing questions and enjoy a complimentary signed copy of her book.At this event, get pragmatic tips on:

  • Why it sometimes makes sense to take a lateral move over a promotion
  • Surviving your boss
  • How to get noticed and get ahead
  • How to combat the “Imposter Syndrome”
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