Outsell Women’s Conference 2018

Sofitel Hotel, New York City

The Impostor Syndrome and How to Avoid It

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re a seasoned professional looking to move up, don’t miss the chance to hear directly from Karyn Schoenbart, CEO of The NPD Group, a global provider of information and advisory services to many of the world’s leading brands.

This session will focus on how women in business must come to grips with how to value themselves and avoid the trap of feeling like an impostor. There are many high-achieving individuals who can’t internalize their accomplishments and persistently fear being exposed as a fraud. There are some women who accidentally fall into a career in business never imagining themselves in an executive role. They worry about whether they truly belong. Karyn will provide tips and insight to help women (and men) build their confidence to avoid the Impostor Syndrome and grow their confidence and their careers.


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