School of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California

San Diego, California

“My Career Journey”

Real and relatable business and personal lessons learned from the CEO of The NPD Group, who just happens to be a woman, wife and mother.

Come hear Karyn discuss highlights written about in Mom.B.A.: Essential Business Advice from One Generation to the Next. In “My Career Journey” Karyn will lead a lively lecture followed by a dynamic Q&A session. Karyn will take you through her 30+ year successful career with international leading market research firm NPD and how she has also managed to be a wife, mother, balancing her own interests and breaking the glass ceiling. Karyn will provide you with sage advice and personal anecdotes filled with candor in an engaging discussion which will leave you with practical notes on advancing your own career not only as you just start out but for many years to come as you advance up the ladder rings. Some of the subject matters Karyn will discuss with you:

Advancing and making the right connections within your company: Sometimes, you need to get out of your comfort zone and take risks or you might be left behind.  How do you find mentors and sponsors that will help drive your career forward? Karyn will explain how to network and build relationships not only within your company but at external events – you never know where the right connection will come in handy.

Global Expertise – More than Stamps on a Passport: If you want to work internationally, you have to be proactive. Are you interested in traveling or moving for either a short or long-term stint? Hear how to learn the basics of the country’s language, master cultural nuances, and adhere to local business customs.  Learn valuable tips for how to be effective working on a global team, even if you never leave home.

Work Isn’t Always Easy and it Isn’t Always About the Work: How do you survive a bad boss? Navigate company politics and culture? Manage and motivate others? Deal with difficult business situations?

The Impostor Syndrome: Learn how women (and men) in business must come to grips with how to value themselves and avoid the trap of feeling like an impostor. There are many high-achieving individuals who have a hard time internalizing their accomplishments and persistently fear being exposed as a fraud. Gain valuable tips and insight to help build your confidence to avoid the Impostor Syndrome and grow your confidence and careers.

Inspiration: How do you become a leader? How do you inspire others? And finally …. How do you inspire yourself? Is the work/life balance a myth or is it really possible?

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