CEO of one of the world’s top information companies and best-selling author of Mom.B.A. Essential Business Advice from One Generation to the Next, Karyn Schoenbart delivers inspirational keynote presentations on topics from building a career to transforming a company. With over thirty years of leadership experience, Karyn energizes audiences with the insights on what it takes to succeed in a fiercely competitive world.


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Sometimes, matter-of-fact approaches to our biggest challenges are hiding in plain sight. Karyn Schoenbart blends the learnings of her life into a set of guidelines notable for their straight shooting, and credible because they ring with the truth of her own experience. Karyn’s excellence as a business leader, as a mother, as a philanthropist, and as a friend are not separate achievements, but instead part of one storyline and approach that she has weaved together beautifully for us in this terrific book.

Oliver Libby, chair and co-founder, The Resolution Project


School of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California

San Diego, California

“My Career Journey”

Real and relatable business and personal lessons learned from the CEO of The NPD Group, who just happens to be a woman, wife and mother.

Come hear Karyn discuss highlights written about in Mom.B.A.: Essential Business Advice from One Generation to the Next. In “My Career Journey” Karyn will lead a lively lecture followed by a dynamic Q&A session. Karyn will take you through her 30+ year successful career with international leading market research firm NPD and how she has also managed to be a wife, mother, balancing her own interests and breaking the glass ceiling. Karyn will provide you with sage advice and personal anecdotes filled with candor in an engaging discussion which will leave you with practical notes on advancing your own career not only as you just start out but for many years to come as you advance up the ladder rings. Some of the subject matters Karyn will discuss with you:

Advancing and making the right connections within your company: Sometimes, you need to get out of your comfort zone and take risks or you might be left behind.  How do you find mentors and sponsors that will help drive your career forward? Karyn will explain how to network and build relationships not only within your company but at external events – you never know where the right connection will come in handy.

Global Expertise – More than Stamps on a Passport: If you want to work internationally, you have to be proactive. Are you interested in traveling or moving for either a short or long-term stint? Hear how to learn the basics of the country’s language, master cultural nuances, and adhere to local business customs.  Learn valuable tips for how to be effective working on a global team, even if you never leave home.

Work Isn’t Always Easy and it Isn’t Always About the Work: How do you survive a bad boss? Navigate company politics and culture? Manage and motivate others? Deal with difficult business situations?

The Impostor Syndrome: Learn how women (and men) in business must come to grips with how to value themselves and avoid the trap of feeling like an impostor. There are many high-achieving individuals who have a hard time internalizing their accomplishments and persistently fear being exposed as a fraud. Gain valuable tips and insight to help build your confidence to avoid the Impostor Syndrome and grow your confidence and careers.

Inspiration: How do you become a leader? How do you inspire others? And finally …. How do you inspire yourself? Is the work/life balance a myth or is it really possible?


Young Jewish Professionals Spotlight on Women

New York, New York

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2019 Annual Women’s Foodservice Forum

Dallas, Texas

Praise for Karyn, Post Speaking Engagements

  • I attended the Women of the Channel Career Pursuits Workshop and was very moved by your presentation. It was so incredible to hear about your journey and experiences moving up in the tech world; it really made me feel as though I can do anything that I put my mind to. I have begun to read your book and have found it extremely inspirational. Thank you so much for your time.

    Women of the Channel 2017 (Keynote and Workshop Leader)

  • It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing your experiences. Thank you for sharing with us all at Logitech! I’m also a believer of “having it all – the family and the career.” Thank you for confirming it’s possible.

    Logitech Corporate Headquarters

  • Karyn, I heard you speak at the WFF conference last week. Thank you for your vulnerability as you discussed “Imposter Syndrome”! Normally I’m pretty confident, but realized that I definitely suffer from this which is/has held me back. I’m going to do a better job knowing my worth. Thanks for sharing.

    Hi Karyn, I just heard you speak at WFF and just had to reach out to say thank you. Until you walked on that stage, I never knew there was a name for what I was feeling in my professional career all these years. I’ve worked hard over the years, and have had much success, but have always had so much self-doubt. Like you, was waiting for the “tap on the shoulder” … I have NEVER said this out loud or shared this fear with anyone, so when I heard you talk about this and when you said there was an actual name for it, I was blown away. When you said there was no shame in this and that we aren’t alone in this feeling, I almost was brought to tears. Over 20 years I’ve hidden this fear.

    Women’s Foodservice Forum Annual Conference

  • You were an awesome speaker. This was my first conference with Women in Autocare and cannot wait till the next one! Feeling empowered!
    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us today. It was really inspiring to learn about how you have gotten to where you are today. I am looking forward to taking the time to read your book.

    This book is absolutely amazing. It’s brought me to tears, laughter and nodding my head. Thank you! It is such a good read I’m having a hard time putting it down while on vacation. I appreciate you taking the advice of your daughter and putting all this into a book. Best of luck!

    Women in Auto Care 2018 Winter Conference

  • I cannot thank you enough for giving up your Saturday to speak at the WOIC. We are always happy to have you, and are so fortunate to have such an inspiring and knowledgeable business women in attendance. As anticipated, the planning committee has received outstanding feedback regarding your Mom.B.A. workshop! In regard to your book – I finished it in less than two days, as I simply could not put it down! Currently, my copy is jam packed with dozens of sticky notes to highlight all my favorite tips! The personal experiences and advice you share in Mom.B.A. inspires me, and will most definitely guide me as I make my own transition into the business world. Thank you for being such an incredible role model, and an outstanding example of how it IS possible for a hard working female to overcome the challenges faced by women in the workplace to become a successful CEO and leader.

    I finished your book and it is FABULOUS! I love your writing style. After attending your workshop at the WOIC, I truly felt your warm personality and expertise authentically shared throughout the book. I have already purchased additional books to share with others as well as talking about specific tips that would be appropriate for both new college graduates and senior manager. I wish I had your book years earlier, yet still have gained tremendous insight that I can use today.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your panel with Danielle, and I have already found your book to be very helpful. I recently received my annual review, and was offered an opportunity within a new role. Your book gave me the insight I needed to have some in-depth conversations, and ultimately make the right decision for myself. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    Women of Isenberg 2018 Conference

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